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Photography in Hills of Munsiyari

Bike preparation for long rides specially for leh region…

1. Repair the ride one month prior 2. Ride the bike after repair for atleast 2-3 days for atleast 100km maximum. 3. Notice all the niggles after riding and testing to your mechanic. 4. Later on do not use the bike for local purpose or so.. 5. Replace all wheel and sprocket bearing with new (has to be RR or ZZ) 6. Replace clutch plates 7. Replace friction plates 8. Replace clutch facing 9. While replacing clutch plates always soak it in oil for 2hrs. 10. Replace spark plug 11. Re-tune the carb 12. No KNN 13. No KNN related jetting 14. Use all original spare parts 15. Replace air filter 16....

Some Random Photo Session in Munsiyari Forest Guest House

Our Group Photography in Munsiyari Forest Guest House

Some Random Shots on the Way of Munsiyari

A Dessert Bullet


The Road Where We Ride

Normally the riders choose the Hill for riding, because there are a lot of nature beauty. But the roads are too dangerous and a little mistake can finish us, so we ride our bulls on very managed way and on the speed of 30 to 40 KMPH.

Me and Chirag Waiting for our riders

A small tea break on the Way of Munsiyari

At the time of riding, we stay on every 50 KM for a small break and waiting for our all riders....

Random shots of Mayawati Ashram